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I am not recommending that you base your decisions and judgements on these views and stand-points the way people believed theories in yester years just because some great said it. A good example that readily comes to mind is that of a Greek philosopher, Aristotle, with his principle on heavy and light weight objects in motion under air displacement. More often than not, never get attached to ideas because of the source but always because of their worth. Enjoy!

It is better to have an ugly face than to have an ugly attitude. It is a disaster to have both. Most ladies between the ages 17-25 will not agree with me. They are still dreaming of a Prince charming who would make them a future queen in his palace. I hope it won’t be too late before they wake up to the reality before them. They should infact be sucking their mother’s breast since they are so immature to handle emotions. The young ladies in this age bracket are still adventurous, full of themselves and proud to a fault. Yes, this range (17-25) is on the average which means some exceptions are allowed. I have done my investigations. Suffice it to say that most ladies are well-mannered but not submissive.


I think our women folk are mixing up the ideology behind equality. When the UN brought up the issue of gender equality, they were trying to correct the anomalies in some cultural and religious persuasions where women are treated as slaves and made to live their dreams in the confinement  of the four walls of a kitchen and become experts in household chores. But we can see that all these has changed. Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan, Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain, Oby Ezekwesilli of Nigeria, Indira Fandhi of India, Sirleaf Johnson Helen of Liberia just to mention a few have all helped to monumentally change the roles of women in the world today but it doesn’t mean that women are equal to men in terms of emotions. This is where the problem emanated from. When a woman thinks she wants to match men in all ramifications, she becomes a problem even to herself.

As much as we all respect Pastor Bimbo Odukoya of blessed memory, Prof. (Mrs) Dora Akunyili, Mrs. Olukemi Mimiko, Rev. (Mrs) Funke Felix-Adejumo, Erelu Bisi  Fayemi, Erelu Olusola Obada, Mama Oritsejafor, you will be surprised to know that despite their ‘NO NONSENSE’ character on stage, they are very submissive to their husbands. All ladies need to understand that no man wants to marry another man, so quit this EGO-CONTEST. Be the woman God wants you to be……gentle, soft-spoken, cool, calm, collected, seemingly unassuming, slow to anger, less violent, respectful and above all submissive. You’ll be surprised that these subtle nature will help you have a tremendous control over your husband but if you face him head-on, shoulder to shoulder, then you’ll lose the grip and power.  If you allow the western world to teach you how to behave in matrimonial home, then your marriage is heading for the rock with its attendant problems which will be settled by divorce as you see rampant in that world.

FATANMI JOHNPublisher, City Scope Magazine


There’s nothing like an ugly face, only an ugly attitude (which ruins the home of course). True beauty of a woman lies in her character. You ever wonder why divorce was hardly ever heard of in times past? It was because our fathers looked beyond the face and instead found ATTITUDE.

                                                                                                                                    -DANIEL FALONIPE

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