Africa Is a poetic continent of different ethnic nations, skin colours, languages, climatic, cultural and traditional beliefs. We want to create an avenue for Africans here and in the diaspora and non-Africans to know more than they already know about the black continent.

The truth about us as an entity and we as a ‘people’ is the idea behind ABC. Our identity is by the day being overshadowed by western interests and influences with the resultant factor being a misrepresentation of what we truly stand for and believe in.

ABC will serve as a mouthpiece for our Tourism industry as well letting people know about our cultural norms and what we are , really; Our attitude, way of life, character, abilities and most of all, our understanding as Africans.

Our food, folktales, songs, dance, fashion many others are what we are going to use as a form of presentation. Our wilderness, rivers, hills and mountains are what we are going to showcase to the world to let them know that we are what we are, and what we have is our meekness! Furthermore, the wildlife, our herbs and roots, our environment are things we are going to portray and promote.

We want the world to know us not by the conflicts, economic instability, insecurity because we believe change is possibility and people can radically transform their behavior or beliefs about these things in the face of the right kind of impetus. We want the world to know us through the love we share, we want the whole world to know that Africa is indeed a place of pride!