Yvonne Ekwere is a native of Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria and an award winning TV presenter, an entertainment correspondent and news producer with Silverbird Television. With her TV show; E-weekly, she has grabbed the attention of young Nigerians across the country. A natural born entertainer (song writer, vocalist and spoken word artist), fashionista and budding style icon, her name rings a bell in showbiz circles.

In 2008, she was a co-host with IK Osakioduwa on Rhythm 93.7’s ‘Dance Party’, the only female Nigerian producer on MTV base “Making the Video Challenge with Shell” and has since then she has gone on to work on various projects including hosting events like FAB Night Out, The Future Awards 2010, President Goodluck Jonathan’s Dinner with Showbiz stakeholders, “The Future Leaders” celebrating the inauguration of Goodluck Ebele Johnathan (fondly called GEJ) and Namadi Sambo and many others.

A two time Future Awards nominee and Dynamix Awards ‘TV Personality of the Year, 2010’, a jeweler with her own jewelry line; i-Bling, a fashion consultant (Sparkle-Pro Consulting) youth ambassador, she is indeed a jack of all trades and did we mention she’s legendary actress, Liz Benson’s niece? Our quest to track her down it did prove difficult at first but we finally got a break through her Twitter account, a bit unorthodox but it got the job done. Here are her replies to some of our questions in our brief online interview;

So where does the name ‘Vixen’ originate from?

My eyes which are my favorite physical attribute have always attracted a lot of attention; therefore I was often paid compliments. When the opportunity came to choose an “On-Air Personality” name I chose VIXEN, a female fox because of its intense yet beautiful eyes.

Have you ever had any negative press concerning the misconception of the meaning of your name ‘vixen’?

Not at all! I’m quite confident that by now a lot of people know the reason for my choice of name; although others are tempted to put me in the category of video vixens and sexy superficial sirens. Lol!

How would you describe Nigerian fashion today?

The Nigerian Fashion industry is certainly not what it used to be. It has progressed from mediocre to becoming an industry which has produced designers with world class standards. Who would have thought we would witness JBL, Deola Sagoe, LDA and other showcases alongside top international designers at New York Fashion week? Let alone host A-List fashion events? It isn’t entirely well structured but I believe that a couple of years from now Lagos will become one of the notable fashion capitals of the world.

Who is your favorite Nigerian designer?

I would be biased if I mention names but let’s just say I like to give young, fresh and extremely creative designers a shot!

Tell us about your personal style and what inspires it?

I like to think I have an old soul and this reflects in my personal style! I absolutely adore vintage fashion, so you are likely to find classic pieces like 80s styled jumpsuits, Victorian age lace dresses, hair fascinators and jewelry in my closet! I’m also a free spirited and sexy person so I’m willing to try anything new and funky!

What luxury item can’t you do without?

Lol! As much as I look like a girl who enjoys a lot of luxuries, there’s none I can’t do without!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

As much as I would like to paint my ambitions in bright shiny colors, I believe that nothing in life is ever promised; like they say “Man proposes but God disposes” and God willing, I will certainly be a major force to reckon with in the international showbiz circuit!

What life lesson would you say has influenced your life the most?

I was a terribly shy person and being that way posed a major hindrance in the bid to achieve my goals; I always wanted to be a public figure but I cringed at the thought of attending auditions or even speaking in public; so I finally decided to take the bull by the horns by attending the audition which later got me the job I now have with Silverbird TV! Moral of the story: If I hadn’t faced my fear, I never would have had the opportunity to live my dreams!

As one of the leading names In entertainment, what advice would you give to others who are trying to make it in the industry?

DO NOT be afraid to dream and chase it! Rome wasn’t built in a day, so never be in a hurry to become notable! It is better to painstakingly work your way up the success ladder as opposed to being a flash in the pan. Everything has a season so whether it takes ten days or ten years, your turn to shine will eventually come! Talent will take you far but character will keep you there!