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Mugabe Again!!!

Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe

It means something: Mugabe’s inauguration as the President of Zimbabwe on 22 August after his sweeping victory in last month’s harmonised elections. It means five more years of all that Mugabe is well known for. It also means that the past 33 years did not give Zimbabweans enough of him…

As I watched our President taking the oath for the fifth time (the other two times were as the prime minister back in the 1980s), I could not help thinking about how this was not new ground for him. Robert Mugabe has been there for six terms – 33 years – at the helm of the administration that minds the affairs of Zimbabwe. And throughout this time, his and his party’s record has not been very impressive. So, what can Zimbabweans expect? I waited for his speech to get an idea…

The shock of non-change
As I waited, I dearly hoped that the speech would not be littered with the inevitable polemic excesses. I also reflected on the ‘humour’ that characterised the elections. During the run-up to the polls, many Zimbabweans thought that the era of Mugabe was inevitably coming to an end. The need and hunger for change seemed to have gripped the country.

Considering that Mugabe still had a lot of diehard and genuine followers, the general consensus was that people were simply tired of the rhetoric and wanted a break from all the history seminars and sermons he delivered at every national, provincial and district event.

But alas! Zimbabweans had a surprise in store for themselves! They still wanted Mugabe in office! Forgive the shock on all their faces after the election results were announced. They still wanted him! That alone must mean something…

History lessons continue
The speech came. The inevitable vocal whip lashed out at the unrepentant Western allies who had the audacity to scorn Zimbabwe’s electoral outcome and are still bent on destroying the gains of our independence through sanctions and their regime change agenda. (What a picture the word ‘regime’ creates!) Continue reading


The Oranmiyan Staff (ancient obelisk)

Oranmiyan was one of the seven sons of Okanbi, the only child of Oduduwa, the progenitor of the Yoruba.

The legend, Oranmiyan, despite being the grandson of Oduduwa was the pioneer Alaafin of Oyo. He was famed as a strong enigmatic leader who led his people into a path of greatness that lasted several centuries, leaving a heritage that lasts till today.

After establishing Oyo, he left and conquered the Benin people and again founded the Benin Kingdom. After several wars and conquests, Oranmiyan returned to Ife, the cradle of the Yoruba and was the sixth Ooni of Ife.

He later joined his ancestors. The place where the staff of Oranmiyan lies in Ile-Ife, Osun State is now a centre of tourist attraction. This great legend that has continued to shape the destiny of a race deserves to be celebrated as a unifying force for the Yoruba people. Oranmiyan is a unique name that has occupied a column of Yoruba history as a warrior, conqueror and legend.

An organization committed to the development of Tourism in Nigeria, FLABSY Travels & Tours has received the approval of the Ooni of Ife, Alaiyeluwa Oba Okunade Sijuwade, to organize a festival which would bring all Ife indigenes and the entire Yoruba at home and in diaspora like Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Cuba, United States of America etc. together and use the platform of the festival to identify and bring to the fore a unique and binding tradition for the Yoruba people, utilise the platform to propagate Oranmiyan as a central figure in Yorubaland and explore all creative means to ensure that through the festival celebrations, Oranmiyan staff becomes a tourist haven, ensure that the festival is enlisted in the calendar of the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation and the World Tourism Calendar, achieve a top-of-the-mind festival event for Odun Oranmiyan and create awareness for Ife indigenes at home and abroad use the platform to drive investment opportunity to Ile-Ife.

The Ooni of Ife

The festival event would be devoid of Political affiliations or leanings such that every Yoruba man would be eager to attend yearly and attract corporate organizations that may use the festival opportunity to showcase their brands as well as compete for sponshorship of the festival to achieve optimum mileage and revenue generation.

The significance of Odun Oranmiyan cannot be over-emphasized, as it is the festival that will unites the people together. It is also a celebration of a deity and warrior of the Yoruba. Therefore, FLABSY Travels & Tours is determined to celebrate Odun Oranmiyan 2013 in August 2013 so well that people will want to be associated with the annual festival not just as Ife people but as citizens of Osun and Yoruba in general. Oranmiyan is arguably the most deified of the whole Yoruba deities. He was only the Yoruba King that was confirmed to have established other towns, like Oyo and Benin, became their King and later returned to his abode and also became a King before his eventual transformation as denoted in the Oranmiyan Cenotaph.

The Oranmiyan Cenotaph is a renowned tourist centre that has drawn million of visitors to Ile-Ife and has continued to do same. The name has appeared in many cultural and historical books. Oranmiyan is a religion to many in Yoruba land as it is being worshiped while they visit the Cenotaph to pay homage and reverence to the deity.

The Old Music is back! -Mafikizolo

One of South Africa’s most favourite music groups, Mafikizolo, is back with a brand new banging album after a well deserved two year break and this time they want to take their loyal fans on the musical journey of their lives. The transport for the journey is a Six Mabone – a classic car of the 60s-which is the title of their seventh album.A
Theo Kgosinkwe, the male member of the duo, says: “In the 60s, Six Mabone had the same status as BMW today. And our music is enjoyed by the young and the old. We are taking our fans back and forth.” The latest album is the second without Tebza who was killed in a road rage accident three years ago.
The new album has blues and swing elements and most of the songs were recorded with a live band.

Nhlanhla Nciza, the female member of the group, insists that although they brought new elements on this album but they have used the same formula like their previous platinum selling albums.
She said: “There is a bit of afro pop, kwela and marabi which have become our trademark. They say you must not fix something that is not broken and we are not going to mess with our winning formula.”
The album features a remark of Miriam Makeba’s classic Walila – and they deserve a round of applause for doing justice to the song. Anybody who does a remark or remix of Miriam Makeba’s song has to know his story very well and be brave enough to do so.

Nciza admitted: “Doing a remark of Mama Africa’s song was one of the hard things to do, she is an international brand with a lot of followers and nobody must mess around with a musical icon like Miriam Makeba.”
Also on the album, they also featured a new up and coming stable mate, Zonke, on a song simple titled Flowers. There is a mind blowing slow jam called Khululeka which was produced by house music crew, Shaana.
Without any doubt, the album shows Mafikizolo’s musical growth – they have been in the industry for eight years and they have learned a lot. Kgosinkwe summarizes it the better when he says: “We have been to hell and back. God has been there for us always.”

Shortly after Mafikizolo shot to fame, they were involved in a near fatal car accident which left some of the band members in hospital for a couple of weeks.
And when they began picking up the pieces and getting their feet back on the groove, Tebza was killed.

Six Mabone is an album that will make many people realise how rich South Africans are, musically and that with the right production team like Dangerous Combination Crew
About their album, Nciza said: “Six Mabone is a kind of album that when you put into your sound system, you will never want to take it out for a long time.”
And Kgosinkwe said: “Mafikizolo does not make albums for December but we make music that will last for a life time. Six Mabone is a must get album if you love and support South African music.”
Six Mabone will definitely cement Mafikizolo’s status as one of the most singing sensational groups in South Africa and musical phenomena in Africa.

Good to be back!

Sincerely, i have been very busy the last few weeks that’s why my consistency have dwindled a bit. From city to city, state to state in pursuit of greatness. And nothing gives you more joy than seeing your efforts paying off gradually, which is what has been happening to me. T this point i can proudly say that things are taking a better turn. Now to the gist! In exactly 16 days, The 2nd edition of LAGOS FASHION MENIAC will be held right here in the city of Lagos. The 2013 edition which is tagged “Unveiling the style trend” will be a Runway Show with an Edge in Fashion and Style, A Platform Set to Develop, Empower and Encourage Talented/Young Designers and Models, with the responsibility of boosting, revitalizing and re-branding the Nigerian fashion Industry.

The second audition was held today and i was there the capture all the action live. Plus, i also got my “PRESS TAG” which will enable me to shoot the main event come 25th of August 2013. Yes , it gives me some chill as i hope to capture the best pictures.


If you are in Lagos or anywhere near and interested in being a part of the Fashion Show, you can get your tickets to the event at any Shoprite outlet in Lagos or simply call these numbers. Continue reading

AMAZING: 10-year-old Nigerian Girl Makes History Becoming the Youngest Person Ever to Be Interviewed by Forbes

Zuriel Elise Oduwole, an extraordinary and amazing 10-year-old of Nigerian-American origin, has made history as the youngest person ever to be interviewed on popular Forbes magazine.

The interview with the award winning documentary film maker, conference speaker and writer is featured in the August 2013 edition of Forbes Africa. Some call their as ‘the next Larry King’, other as ‘future Oprah Winfrey’. In any case, Zuriel is fully committed to rebrand Africa by showing the positive things in about the continent, and making the case for education the Girl Child in Africa and Emerging Markets.

At just 10, the wonder-child Zuriel possesses amazing talent that has resulted in her interviewing business leaders, current and past world leaders and heads of states.

As an invited guest to the recent African Union 50th anniversary celebrations in Ethiopia, she has in her quest of pursuing her goal interviewed leading African business, political, and sports personalities, including eight current African Presidents, Africa’s richest person, Mr. Aliko Dangote and tennis super stars Venus and Serena Williams, when the two sisters gave their world press conference in Nigeria.   Continue reading

Welcome to Ajose Muftau Blog

Its Thursday readers, AMB brings to you this period the best of the best Model Contest, “Am Black And Beautiful Model Contest- Fashion, Art and Music show”.

Theme: “Inspired by creativity and a billion reasons to believe in Africa”
Is not just an ordinary Event;but an event that intensifies and awakens the essence and pride in every African, a clarion call to liberation, expression, confidence, assurance and self esteem…. a mirror that reveals the true worth and quality of Africanhood, a mirror that declares every African man and woman…Beautiful, and every potentials Unique, embraced with passionate and self-driven people of our great country Nigeria”

This platform is set out to give leverage to potential Upcoming acts in Expressing their talents and to gain recognition in their various chosen field of Modelling,Fashion,Art and Music.

The Event is brought to…

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Remember i posted an article about The Nigerian-Born Australian Singer and dancer, Timomatic here a while ago. Now as a sign of continuous support for our brother, I decided to create a Fan page for fans here in Nigeria. Isn’t that cool! With this development, we hope to intensify our support for a brother who’s dazing the world out there. We love TIMOMATIC! We are TEAMomatic! now head straight to the Fan page here



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