Two weeks ago, I paid a visit to Dubai for the very first time. 

Dubai is everything Lagos is not.  Dubai works: Lagos does not.  Dubai is spotlessly clean: Lagos is filthy.  Dubai is bathed in gleaming electricity.  Lagos is shrouded in darkness.  Dubai is organized.  Lagos is disorganized.  After a few days in Dubai, I longed to be back in Lagos.

What is the attraction of Lagos relative to a city like Dubai?  The answer is actually very simple.  Lagos is the very best city in Nigeria; the very best country in the world.  I have traveled all over the world.  I have been to the Far East, to the Middle East, to North and Latin America and to Europe.  I have been to over 30 African countries.  This qualifies me to make this assessment.  Nigeria is the very best country in the whole wide world.


There are too many things that make Nigeria exceptional and without equal.  If Nigeria were not so wonderful, there would not have been 170 million Nigerians.  Because Nigeria is such a great country, we are determined to give birth to as many children as possible so that Continue reading