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There is a saying that in life, “There are times to stay put, and what you want will come to you, and there are times to go out into the world and find such a thing for you.” Those who know Lillian Moremi will surely agree that the 27 year old pint-sized young lady is a go-getter, ambitious and an outgoing young Botswana woman who would go an extra mile into the world and search for what she really wants. Oozing with passion for education and leadership, Lillian is on a personal quest to encourage and inspire young people particularly young women to take up leadership roles. Youthhub-Africa’s Correspondent for Botswana – Eric Paulo caught up with Lillian, to chat about her 14 days excursion to the Antarctica. She left Botswana February 22, 2013 and returned home on March 15, 2013. She told Youthhub-Africa that the purpose of the International Antarctica Expedition, led by Robert Swan (the first man to walk to both the North and the South Pole) and his team from his company 2041, was to inspire change by engaging young people globally on environmental issues and leadership enhancement.

Lillian was representing the Ducere Foundation and Botswana together with about 76 young people from 26 nations who also took part in the 2013 Antarctica expedition. Her participation was meant to enable her to get a global perspective of Leadership, to inspire other young Batswana to be catalysts of positive change in their communities.

According to, the Antarctica is Earth‘s southernmost continent, containing the geographic South Pole. It is situated in the Antarctic region of the Southern Hemisphere.                    On average, the Antarctica is said to be the coldest, driest, and windiest continent, and has the highest average elevation of all the continents.

Lillian is Botswana’s first female to go to the Antarctica. Her expedition through the Antarctica was from February 28 to March 12, 2013, and this is what she had to say

Q: Briefly give us a brief background about yourself.

A: I have a degree in Accounting from the University of Cape Town. I am the founder of Botswana Student Network Society which is mandated to bridge the gap between students, corporates and government and to drive leadership, social responsibility and career advancement. I am also the Coordinator of D?cere Foundation. It is an advancing School Improvement Programs in partnership with the Botswana Ministry of Education and Skills Development. Lastly, I am also Continue reading